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Speed of Internet connection in the rooms

100 Mbit/s upload and 100 Mbit/s download speed.


There are technical limitations (some ports are blocked by the firewall of our carrier BelWü) and legal limitations on file sharing (Just assume it’s illegal to upload files in Germany, until you know what is specifically allowed. Keep in mind that bittorrent, ⁠⁠⁠Popcorntime and similar programs do upload! Keep in mind that there are high penalties for copyright infringement in Germany.).


The NetzAK (short for Netzwerk Arbeitskreis = Network Work-group) is a work-group of volunteers which was founded by inhabitants of the dormitories in 2004 and which nowadays works closely together with the Studentenwerk IT department

The NetzAK is responsible for the dormitory network from the sockets in your room to the Internet. NetzAK is responsible for maintaining and developing the network and its components and ensuring unobstructed Internet access to all inhabitants. Furthermore, the group supports the different student communities of the Dorfrat with their online presence.

Since 2012 the NetzAK administrates voluntarily the entire Network for the Studentenwerk. Previously, it had only been responsible from the rooms to the ZDV.

The Dormitories are connected to BelWü (Baden-Württemberg Extended Lan)-the network of Baden-Württemberg’s educational institutions.

Area of responsibility

The dormitories administrated by NetzAK are spread over quite a large area, as can be seen on the map below. Therefore we ask you to really check whether a network socket is damaged. We enjoy our voluntary service to the network but prefer not to drive out long distances without good cause.

NetzAK Wohnheime

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NetzAK Office: 48.541302, 9.060298
Geissweg: 48.529044, 9.047491
Pfleghof: 48.520577, 9.057092
Münzgasse: 48.519791, 9.054777
Hafengasse: 48.521049, 9.056178
Hibuka im Franz. Viertel: 48.511089, 9.078591
Haaggasse 36: 48.520443, 9.050547
Hartmeyerstraße: 48.542634, 9.045790
Hechinger Straße 14: 48.514731, 9.060518
Heuberger-Tor-Weg: 48.543960, 9.045720
Konrad-Adenauer-Straße: 48.507550, 9.048010
Viktor-Renner-Straße: 48.534690, 9.082200
Albstadt: 48.210920, 9.028380
Geislingen: 48.621018, 9.839552
Hohenheim Schwerzstraße : 48.716790, 9.215430
Hohenheim Egilolfstraße: 48.717212, 9.209816
Hohenheim Fruwirthstraße : 48.714670, 9.206960
Nürtingen Schelmenwasen: 48.608410, 9.352310
Nürtingen Sudetenstraße: 48.613981, 9.351768
Reutlingen Pestalozzistraße : 48.483960, 9.190010
Sigmaringen: 48.089320, 9.239759
Eugenstraße : 48.513415, 9.066430
Hohenheim Chausseefeld: 48.714143, 9.198368

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