If you want to go online and your browser shows you a notification asking you to contact NetzAK your internet access has been restricted.sperrung

What does it mean to be restricted?

In short: your network socket has been disconnected from the network because something originating from your device posed a risk to the other users. Normally that means you have a virus or other malware which puts more strain on your connection than a private user would. That results in overload in the Gateway (the computer we all have to go through to get online) which means nobody can get a normal internet connection anymore.

You may also be restricted if you infringe our terms of use i.e. if you actively scan the network

What should I do now?

DO NOT connect your device to any other internet source (WiFi or cable) since it will get that access point restricted too!

Contact us. Then come see us on Fridays at our office and bring your device.

Netz Ak has not interest in keeping your access restricted for longer than possible. But since we are a team of volunteers who have lives and studies of their own besides the Netz AK, we are not usually able to take care of it until our opening hours on Fridays.

Restrictions only happen because a device or its user is posing a risk to the stability of the network or the security of other users. Since beginning its work, Netz AK has been recording a false-positive-ratio of 0.5%

“What if I really need to use the internet before I can consult you?”

DO NOT connect your device to any other internet source (WiFi or cable) since it will get that acces spoint restricted too!

Use another computer. We recommend the computer pools of the ZDV or your institute. Opening hours of the ZDV Pool in Wilhelmstra├če are Montay to Sunday 7 a.m. to 4 a.m. or in Morgenstelle Montay to Friday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (see homepage)

“Will my restriction be revoked faster if I format my hard drive?”

No, formatting your hard drive will make it more difficult for us to determine the cause of your restriction, and your restriction can only be revoked if the cause is eliminated.

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