Wireless internet in your room

How do I setup Wifi for my smartphone, gaming console or just to get rid off the cable in my laptop?

In front you have to know that the connection in the rooms is an Ethernet connection and not like in most households DSL.
You need a Wifi-router which you connect with the WAN-port(in picture blue) to the network socket in your room.Some models use for this type of connection Lan1. Now you connect a PC with the router. In most cases you have two options. The first option is that you connect your PC to the wifi of your router. If there is a key needed it is in most cases printed on a label on the bottom of the device

network sockedThe second option is that you connect your PC to one of the Lan-ports(in picture yellow) of your router. Now you open the web interface of your router in your browser(Internet explorer, safari, chrome, …). The needed address and login information should be also printed on a label on the bottom of your device. The address should be similar to 192.168.x.1. With the open web interface you do the Setup-Wizard. You chose as connection type “receive IP automatically over DHCP”. Another common name ist “IP-Client-Modus”. Remember the connection is an Ethernet connection and does not need any Login data .

Afterwards you should change the password for your router and your network key. As network encryption you should use WPA2. The older algorithms are not save anymore. And if you want you can also change your network name(SSID.)


If you have trouble with one of the steps you can come to our consultation hour and we configurate your router together.

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