Your WIFi is not woking anymore, please read here.

We have more and more devices in the rooms which are connecting to the internet. But you share 255 IP-addresses with about 200 other rooms. Which means if you use more than one address there is a high chance that somebody else is not getting one. For that reason we started to limit the addresses in WHO the French Quarter and other dorms to 1 address per port. This means only the one device connectet by cable to the socket gets an IP-address from us.

This does not mean that you can not operate your own wi-fi. It only means that router which work as a network bridge do not work anymore. From now on you have to set up your routers in NAT-mode.If you have trouble doing so please visit our consultation hour on Friday between 15 and 17 o´clock or read  here.

PS: Now we changed it in the Hartmeyerstraße too.

PPS: We had to limit Fichtenweg 7 too.

PPPS: Hohenheim eund Eugenstr too.

PPPPS: HTW is limited too 29.05.2019

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